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      Latest Issue

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      This content is for members only.


      Winter: #MeToo

      Publication Date: January 2019

      Spring: Lawyer Assistance

      Publication Date: April 2019

      Summer: Aging and the Law

      Publication Date: July 2019

      Fall: Voting Rights

      Publication Date: October 2019


      Subscriptions & Advertising


      The Maryland Bar Journal welcomes articles on topics of interest to Maryland attorneys. All manuscripts must be original work, submitted for approval by the Special Committee on Editorial Advisory, and must conform to the Maryland Bar Journal style guidelines, which are available from the MSBA headquarters. The Special Committee reserves the right to reject any manuscript submitted for publication.


      • Subscriptions: MSBA members receive the Maryland Bar Journal as $20 of their dues payment goes to publication. Non-members may subscribe for $42 per year.
      • Advertising: Advertising rates will be furnished upon request. All advertising is subject to approval by the Editorial Advisory Board. Contact us for more information.
      • Back Issues: Limited back issues are available for purchase, call or email to check on availability.


      Executive Director: Victor Velazquez
      Editor: Patrick Tandy


      Editorial Guidelines


      • All writing submitted to the Maryland Bar Journal is subject to the approval of the Special Committee on Editorial Advisory and will be edited for accuracy, conciseness, length, English grammar and usage, and conformity to the Editorial Guidelines. If, in the judgement of the Special Committee, significant editing is required that may affect the substance of an article, the author will be consulted before publication.
      • The Maryland Bar Journal seeks original works and will not ordinarily consider publishing an article that has appeared elsewhere. Material published in the Maryland Bar Journal may thereafter be reprinted with the Special Committee’s approval and appropriate credit. Unsolicited manuscripts are limited to one submission per year per author.
      • Articles must be typed, double-spaced, on standard 8 1/2″ by 11″ paper and submitted to the editor for presentation to the Special Committee on Editorial Advisory. The editor is Patrick Tandy at the Maryland State Bar Association, 520 West Fayette Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21201.
      • Articles should not exceed 2,500 words (10 double-spaced letter-size pages unless the editor assigns or agrees in advance to a longer length. The title, author’s name, and byline information should appear on the first page. Every page of the manuscript should bear the author’s name. Textual footnotes are forbidden; authorities worth citing should go in the text. String citations should be avoided. The Harvard Bluebook citation form is suggested.
      • Articles should be emailed, preferably in Word, to the editor for presentation to the Special Committee on Editorial Advisory.



      For additional information about Bar Journal, contact our team:

      MSBA Headquarters
      (410) 685-7878