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      MSBA’s advocacy team is tracking bills throughout the legislative session.
      Stay tuned to our Legislative Action Center to see the latest status of the legislation we’re following.









      MSBA's State Legislative Program

      The MSBA’s State Legislative Program outlines the legislative priorities of the MSBA in advance of the annual session of the Maryland General Assembly.

      Every year, the MSBA Board of Governors and the Laws Committee work together to establish the Program. Together, they undertake an exhaustive review of the legislative issues that stand to impact lawyers, and use these guidelines to take action on related bills that are introduced in the General Assembly.

      Explore the 2019 State Legislative Program

      About the State Legislative Program

      Legislative Issues are divided into various categories as the State Legislative Program is developed each year.

      Position Categories

      • Support: Full MSBA support for an issue. Activities include, but are not limited to, testimony, membership and/or specialty bar association alerts, press activities, and direct contact with individual members of the General Assembly.
      • Oppose: Full MSBA opposition to an issue. Normal activities include testimony and participation in coalition efforts with other interested groups.
      • Refer to Section or Committee: Issue is referred to the Section or Committee concerned with the subject matter.
      • Monitor: Activity is deferred until a later date with close attention paid to specific legislation.
      • No Position: No activities.

      Organization of Issues

      Legislative issues are divided into 4 general categories:

      • Core Issues: Bills that concern core issues or issues that are not controversial within the MSBA membership.
      • Middle-Range Issues: Bills that are appropriate for MSBA involvement, but may have some controversy over general approaches or specific provisions.
      • Controversial Issues: Bills that involve topics of interest to the legal profession, but affect groups of attorneys with diametrically opposed views of what the law should be.
      • Dormant Issues: Issues that arise from time to time, but are not necessarily active during the Legislative Session.

      Contact our legislative team for more information on how to get involved.

      Richard Montgomery

      Director of Legislative Relations
      (410) 269-6464